Learn Danish with Ease - options - HERE and NOW:

Upcoming you have the opportunity to participate in the 60-90-minute mini-course:

Gateway to EN and ET


where you'll get a hands on instruction on how to be totally sure that you use the correct article with the Danish nouns.

The mini-course 'Gateway to EN and ET' takes place on Saturday the 28th of October 2023 - online - via Zoom from 2 pm to 3.30 pm.

Room for up to 8 participant gives the space to get answers to questions that may occur.

As an extra feature we'll also take time to introduce ourselves plus make 'a survey' if any of you/ the participants wants to connect as study-buddies.

Enrollment - now or the latest 7 days before (so you have time to print out and look at the 2 worksheets which you'll receive after your final 'yes', which you give by paying the symbolic amount of DKK 150, which you have the option of using as a payout, should you decide to buy one or more online Danish lessons - tailore for you - before November 14th 2023). (Could be a mini-clipcard or a Danish language Boost).

Not in Denmark?
Convert your time to Danish time via this link.

Or, via this link.



Are you looking for a learn-Danish study-buddy or a whole study-group?

Join a free Meet & Greet meeting - online - on Saturday the 14th of October 2023 - at 2 pm, Danish time/ ECT, Copenhagen.

Enroll now or the latest 24 hours before via email to birgit.maanestraale@mail.dk

Other dates for Danish Meet & Greet to be set in a cooperation with you and other interested.
Feel free to suggest a time and date, that suits you via email to birgit.maanestraale@mail.dk

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You are welcome to participate in a Danish Meet & Greet meeting - for free - again and again and again.


- practice to speak (a little) Danish by introducing yourself with name, level of Danish, where you come from etc.

- ask me, Birgit Månestråle, questions about learning Danish

- maybe meet a study-buddy or become part of a study group

- hear about your possibilities for learning Danish - or, improving your   

Danish - with Ease.

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If you are not yet on the list of persons, who automatic get a note when a new date is available click here.

As a thank you gift for getting on the list you will get an email with a link so you can get a copy of:
The Guide to free resources for learning Danish.



Group lessons of Master Basic Danish will begin in January 2024.

Get on the invitation list by sending an email to birgit.maanestraale@mail.dk

For details about the concept: Master Basic Danish click here.

To get the 5-page tip sheet with ideas on how you can prepare yourself the best before joining the Master Basic Danish group lessons (or as individual tailored for you online lessons) - send an email to 



A first Master Basic Danish group lesson is free. (Trial lessons are offered in connection with the group starts in September and January).

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What else?

You also have the option of booking private lessons:

Buy one or more sessions of 20, 40 or 60 minutes.

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To your success with Danish!
Birgit Månestråle


If you haven't yet gotten
 The Guide to free resources for learning Danish,

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Get inspiration to study Danish on your own by clicking on this link.

Do you have any questions?

Please connect via birgit.maanestraale@mail.dk