Learn Danish on your own - with Ease.

Learning and mastering the Danish language is possible, and I, Birgit Månestråle, will be happy to support you on your learn-Danish journey.

The most important 'piece' is you, your approach, your mindset and the time you invest in studying.

I recommend that you invest at least 8 minutes a day with focus on the Danish language
that you affirm to yourself:
I can learn.
I can do it.
I'm doing it.
Jeg ER god til dansk.
Jeg tør tale dansk.
(And similar affirming statements).

You are of course welcome to study more than 8 minutes.

BETTER study a little on a regular basis than not.
Make learning Danish your new hobby and enjoy every detail that you catch, understand and use!!!

8 minutes are manageable - also when you are tired.

Picture this:
When you learn one Danish word or phrase every day, then you will, by the end of a year, have 365 Danish words - where some of them are included in one or more useful phrases.

That will take you a long way.

Especially if you use the Danish you know.

Begin your year today!

You could begin by saying 'hej' instead of 'hi'.

Same sound and same meaning.

hej = dansk
hi = engelsk


You can end an informal conversation with 'hej, hej' which is an everyday way to say 'goodbye' amongst friends.


Now: Imagine a frame.

Imagine a picture of a conversation.

You begin with: 'Hej'
and you end with 'Hej, hej'.

Now you ''only'' have to fill in the middle part of your interaction/ conversation...


I, Birgit Månestråle, love to teach Danish, and it will be my pleasure to teach and support you, too.


You have many options with me.

You can purchase online lessons of 20, 40 or 60 minutes.

Most of my Danish students choose 40-minute lessons.

See details, by clicking here.


Is basic skills, as gaining confidence with the sound of the letters, the numbers and to feel secure when saying a date or telling the time plus refreshing basic sentences for a basic conversation, your wish or need, then I recommend, that you look into the concept of Master Basic Danish.

Choose Master Basic Danish in a group
Master Basic Danish tailored for you.

For details click here.



When an intensive focus on Danish is your need: Choose 8 x 20 minutes or 30 x 20 minutes.

For details, click here.


Are you a 'do it yourself' learner?

Then you have these possibilities with me:


Participate in as many - free - online - Danish Meet & Greet meetings as you like.

Here you have the opportunity to speak a little Danish by introducing yourself, and you can ask me questions about learning the Danish language plus you might find a study-buddy or a whole study group.

Speak as much Danish as you can - and use English if you need to.

To get on the list of people who receive notifications when new dates are set, fill in your name and email address via this link.

Choose an online Danish Language Boost once in a while, in order to keep yourself on your learn-Danish-track.
The first one is free when you answer some questions about you and Danish.
Following Danish Language Boosts are DKK 400 for approx. 20 minutes or DKK 600 for approx. 40 minutes of inspiration, answers to your questions and tailored for you tips on how to learn and dare to use the Danish language you actually already know.
See details here.


Participate in one or more - Ask, Read & Speak Danish group lessons.

Ask, Read and Speak Danish is an opportunity  

- to focus on what is important, or a challenge for you. Could be:

- to practice pronunciation

- to focus on basic grammar as for example how to conjugate nouns, verbs or adjectives or to focus on a specific exercise or page in a specific book. På vej til dansk - trin for trin, for example

-  to 'get a taste of how it is to participate in an online Danish group lesson'.

Suggest at theme and time for a 60-90-minute group lesson via info@learndanishwithease.dk

Price for one 60-90-minute - online - group lesson is DKK 420 per person.

Sometimes there will only be you and me, sometimes up to 8 participants.

Connect via info@learndanishwithease.dk  


Become a member of the private Facebook group: Active Danish Learners.

You have 3 ways of becoming a member of the private Facebook group: Active Danish Learners:

1. Become a paying private student

2. Be active in DAILY STEPS TO DANISH SUCCESS, the free 5-day online video Danish challenge


3. Book a (free) Danish Language Boost - and - ''convince me'' that you're ready to be an active Danish learner.


In the private Facebook group, Active Danish Learners you have the opportunity to 

- share your Danish word of the day

- share your Danish sentence of the day

- ask questions

- share your successes with using the Danish language
- share resources and ideas
- search for inspiration when you experience hardship/ pain/ set-backs

- connect with other 'self-learners'


to get and give feedback to / from the other Active Danish Learners.

By being active you will - inch by inch / bite by bite / step by step - improve your Danish language AND be acquainted with other Danish learners, with the possibility of obtaining the experience of - actually - being part of = a member of, a Community where we support and cheer on each other, as we get better, better and better in the field of understanding and mastering the Danish language.

If you are only into learning on your own, you might find one or more follow learners in the public Facebook group:

The Danish Language Meet & Greet Group.
Apply for membership via this link.


To get the Guide to free resources for learning Danish which contains 14 links to resources for learning the Danish language: Sign up via this link. 


Should you have any questions or concerns please connect with me via email to


To your success with Danish!

Birgit Månestråle
Facilitator, tutor and Danish teacher

I have - in a co-operation with a graphic designer - created an electronic personal dictionary in Google sheets.

As an appreciation of you wanting to learn and use the Danish language - and as a thank you for having read all the above text, I offer to create a personal online dictionary in which you can take notes, and thereby build your own vocabulary PLUS be able to find the words when you need them.
Can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or phone.

 Ask for a personalized electronic dictionary via info@learndanishwithease.dk