10 days of online Danish in a group


10 days of online Danish in a group of approximately 6 people are conducted whenever approx. 6 persons are ready and able to meet at the same time and weekday.

First time you participate the focus is on 'getting into Danish' and a good study habit.
As a common reference we look into specific pages in the book: På vej til dansk - trin for trin and add some of your and the other participants wants and needs.

The idea is - besides what you learn or get confirmed that you already know, that you - also - get an experience about whether or not learning in a group suits you.

When you are ready to enroll, let me know which time of the day that suits you the best.

Choose a time slot between 9 am and 9 pm.

Every online Danish lesson is approximately 60-90 minutes. 

Connect via info@learndanishwithease.dk 


Module 1 of Master Basic Danish has the focus on pages 5, 6, 8, 9, 21, 29, 30, 61, 103, 99 and page 100 in the book: På vej til dansk - trin for trin
and furthermore we focus on basic grammar, as for example how to know when a noun is a n-word or a t-word + how to conjugate verbs, nouns and adjectives
there will of course be room for questions and answers related to our focus on mastering numerals, ordinals, telling the time and introducing ourselves as well as getting into conversation by for example asking: "Hvad med dig?".

Besides you 'getting into Danish' by selfstudy and doing homework, you will have access to me, Birgit, via email, so you can get feedback on aspects of importance to you.

You'll also have the opportunity to apply for membership of the private Facebook group: Active Danish Learners.

Birgit Månestråle
Facilitator, tutor and Danish teacher

Participation fee:

10 days of Master Basic Danish in a group with the base described above: DKK 4.200.

Connect via email by clicking here to receive a pay link or pay right away with MobilePay to 93781.

After the Module 1 = 10 online lessons in a group of approximately 6 persons you can buy access to as many Modules as you prefer - and the following modules will have the focus on 'getting on with Danish' where the content will, as the first 10 lessons, be based on the book: På vej til dansk - trin for trin, where YOU and the other participants choose where the focus shall be. Furthermore we will, as per agreement, refer to the book: Super G - grammatik med øvelser.



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When you enroll in:

Master Basic Danish online in a group

you will participate in
10 online Danish group lessons of 60-90 minutes

you have access to me, Birgit Månestråle, via email


you're invited to become a member of the private Facebook group: Active Danish Learners.  

Having questions?

Please connect via info@learndanishwithease.dk 


Best regards,
Birgit Månestråle
Facilitator, tutor and Danish teacher.


Are you looking for individual Danish classes, click here to get more information.


Master Basic Danish på onsdage klokken 20.00-cirka 21.30 er med de samme deltagere, som enten er semi-begyndere eller på 'intermedialte' niveau. Hvis du ikke kan komme på en eller flere datoer/ onsdage, vil du ikke få en erstatningslektion på en onsdag, men du vil være velkommen til at deltage på en lørdag.

Master Basic Danish på torsdage klokken 20.00-cirka 21.30 vil have løbende optag. Det vil sige, at interesserede kan begynde, når de er klar. Torsdagslektionerne er for Absolut begyndere.

Master Basic Danish på lørdage klokken 14.00-cirka 15.30 er for personer, der kan dansk, og de, der køber 10 lektioner (som et klippekort) betaler = klipper kun, NÅR, de deltager.

For alle 3 muligheder koster 10 gruppelektioner 4.200 kroner.

Lørdage og torsdage er det muligt at købe EN lektion ad gangen for 550 kr.


Alle interesserede tilbydes EN gruppeprøvelektion gratis + hvis du/ de ønsker det, også en individuel onlinesamtale med mig.

Efter EN gratis prøvelektion er det muligt at købe 2 ekstra prøvelektioner for en lektions pris = 550 kroner.


Hvis du (og andre) køber 2 prøvelektioner for 550 kroner - vil de 550 kroner fungere som 'udbetaling' hvis du ønsker at købe 10 lektioner.
Det betyder, at du betaler 3.650 kroner for de næste 9 gruppelektioner.

Har du spørgsmål vedrørende priser eller har du andre spørgsmål, så er du velkommen til at stille dem via email.

Birgit Månetråle